7 Star Guide

  • STANDBY Enter Standby mode or program-watching state
  • 0-9 Menu input the parameter value:non-menu:Select Channel
  • MUTE Mute the audio
  • MENU Display the Main Menu
  • BQT Display BAT List
  • EXIT Go to watching state
  • LEFT/RIGHT Change parameter/adjust volume
  • UP/DOWN MEnu mode:move cursor/turn channel
  • OK Operation confirmation/TV List/Radio List
  • PAGE+/- Page Turning
  • EPG Non Menu:activates the EPG
  • INFO Display information tape
  • TV/R Non-Menu:switch program mode between TV and radio
  • RECALL Recall Channel
  • FAV Display Your Favourites List
  • GAME Give game options
  • AUDIO Non-menu displays the Audio sub-menu
  • NVOD Enter the NVOS interface
  • HD Get into HD Channel List
  • MP3 Enter music selecting list
  • PIC Enter Album interface
  • TTX Enter Youtube
  • Keys of TV CONTROL Refer to the description on the back of the remote



Frequently Asked Questions

How will I benefit if I choose the 7 star HD package?

Our HD STB changes the way you view television. Everything right form picture and sound quality to a huge variety of channels to begin with, exclusive channels and global content that takes entertainment to another level.

What does HD package offer?

You may choose from a range of 50 plus HD channels, which includes; general Hindi and English entertainment, sports, infotainment, movies and news.

Also, it is a prepaid service that expires on a given date. We have a variety packages at our disposal which have be crafted keeping in mind the demand of our customers.

How much do I have to pay for an HD package?

HD package is an add on premium service on your regular STB package. Thus, you have pay additional HD costs apart from standard changes, which may vary as per your choice of HD channels.

Will I need any new equipment to run the HD package?

Yes, you may choose to exchange or replace your standard definition box with the HD box to enjoy the 1080 pixel of entertainment.

How will the 7 Star Set Top Box be beneficial for me?

Evolution is a constant fact in technology and the latest generation of Digital Cable TV will offer you the latest advances in high-quality entertainment and services at your fingertips. Seven Star puts a variety of choices at your disposal, thanks to its Digital Set Top Box. Besides the usual boutique of services, Seven Star Digital Cable also offers: Easy one-touch access to our Electronic Programming Guide (EPG). The EPG allows viewers to keep track of which program is scheduled for a particular time slot and keeps track of your interests for you, without taking away from your viewing experience in the least bit.

More than 400 channels to choose from; the usual mix of entertainment, sports and news, to name a few options. We also have to offer a range of in house channels. Over and above everything else, stellar image quality and reliable, speedy customer service.

How much will the 7 Star Set Top Box cost me?

That depends on your usage pattern and the type of package you choose to purchase. You can find out more about our package options by getting in touch with your operator, who would be only too happy to assist you.

What is this Electronic Programming Guide I keep hearing about?

The Electronic Programming Guide (the EPG) , a very handy tool that will prove invaluable during your use of this 7-Star Digital Set Top Box. It's like a roadmap, but much better. It puts all the information about current and upcoming programme schedules at the touch of your fingers.

The EPG is like a storehouse of all the data you might want to know about your TV's content, such as a program synopsis, upcoming programs, and the ability to remind you when such program is available for viewing. Think of it as a navigation system for your television. All of this is one button away, never leaving you to wonder or even remember about current running programs. Leave that to us, while you get on with things more fun!

Will I need any new equipment to run the Set Top Box?

Yes, apart from either having to purchase or rent a Digital Set Top Box that comes complete with a remote control and the in-built equipment you will need a cable wire setup.

What is broadband Internet and how is it different?

Broadband Internet means Internet provided through cable i.e. fiber optics. This reduces the chances of any breakdown due to weather conditions thus increasing its reliability.

Why should I choose 7 star broadband services?

7 Star is a localized service provider that caters to you Internet needs by offering not just personalized service but also a speed as high as 50mb per second.

What Internet packages are offered by 7 star?

7 star offers a variety of plans crafted specially to meet the needs of our customers.

  • Purely unlimited plan
  • FUP plan
  • Data limit plan

Starting from download and upload speed of 512kbps to 50mbps

This is a prepaid service that lapses every 30 days, 60 days, 90 days and so on.

What if I want an additional connection?

Any extra connections will be considered or charged separately from the original Set Top Box purchased/rented.